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Sweet Honey

Sweet Honey has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 31 reviews.

Honey & Spice brings you 100% raw and unprocessed sweet honey collected from the hives of the Indian Bee (Apis cerana indica) for you to shop online. This honey is distinctly sweet with a touch of sourness, and comes packed with all the nutrients intact.

The sweet honey from Honey & Spice has a clear texture with a clear-glassy look that bears a testimony to its quality & purity!

This Honey might/will form crystals in the bottom and this does not indicate adulteration in any form. Raw/unprocessed Honey that is sweeter tends to crystallise naturally and most big brands heat the Honey and add anti granulation agents in the Honey to prevent it from crystallising. 

Here's a video of a Bee Collecting pollen and nectar from a flower at our Uncle's Bee Farm:
P.S. Honey should not be fed to babies below one year of age as they cannot digest it.