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Raw Cliff Honey

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This Bitter Honey is extracted by tribal Honey hunters living in the Nilgri forests from rock Bee hives hanging under the steep cliffs. One of the rarest in the world, this Honey is harvested only in small quantities every year.

Honey & Spice is proud to make this rare Honey available to our esteemed customers. 

Very rare and medicinal, this Honey is the best for any Ayurvedic treatments

Now you can purchase two types of Wild Honey depending on the TASTE:

Bitter Honey: This Honey is from the nectar of the Wild Jamun Flowers in the forests of western Ghats. This is one of the rarest Honey with a bitter taste and it is highly medicinal. 

Sweet Honey: Harvested from the wild bee hives in the forests of western ghats, this Honey has a sweet taste with a mild bitter background. 

P.S. Honey should not be fed to babies below one year of age as they cannot digest it.  

Weight: 250gm 

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