Women who inspired us [PART ONE].

Women who inspired us [PART ONE].

Mar 11, 2022Ramya Sundaram

We ran a contest this Women's day and our customers shared with us an overwhelming list of stories about women who they found inspiring.

Here are the first set of top picks from the stories that we received: 

Monika Duburka

First of all, I am a very big fan of your honey. I can't even count for how many people I have

suggested honey and spice. Beauty products are amazing Thanks alot for everything.

My biggest inspiration is a lady who was uneducated, married at the age 9, having 4 daughters, very afraid to come out of home and always feared of her husband and in-laws who always tortured and made her to work in a hotel even when she was 9 months pregnant women. Careless husband never works but beat her like anything when asked to look over family . No one is there to care for her, mentally stressed attempted to commit suicide fortunately saved by neighbors.

Here the revolution began, left husband and, started her new life by stiching clothes in staying in a rent home. Started educating children,made them to be strong without anyone support. Never let her children to go down always encouraged them. Today of her daughter is a metro locopilot, other is working in a MNC company and sending this email.
Proud of you Amma, love you soomuch.

Radha N Narayanaswamy

The woman who inspired and still inspiring not just me but everyone around her is my mother .She is 99 years old n still going strong .Mother of seven children, totally devoted to the family and has sacrificed so much to educate all of us inspite of financial difficulties..A woman of great will power and even at this age radiating positive energy which catches on to us..A pillar of strength to the entire family ,a great motivator with an unbelievable will power...she is the personification of inspiration itself....

Shushma Sudan

My daughter joins IAF as fighter pilot .Hailing from a remote location in the UT of J&K she becomes first from J&K and 12th in India.as she belongs to a civilian background, she has made it on her own. Really proud of her.

Sushma Sudan
Proud Mother indeed.

These stories inspired us beyond words and will always remain a catalyst for us to continue doing what we are doing. 


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