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Limited-edition Honey Combo


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Here are our freshly harvested and limited edition honeys bringing wholesome wellness on your way!

Three jars at just Rs. 750/-

1. Wild Berry Honey - 200g

2. Jamun Honey - 200g

3. Tropical Blossom Honey - 200g

Know more about these exotic honeys:

Wild Berry Honey  - Popularly known as Sidr Honey or Jujube honey, is made by the bees from the nectar of the Jujube plant. These plants usually grow in the drier parts of the world and produce a sweet and juicy fruit. 

Jamun Honey - Jamun honey is Unifloral which means it contains predominantly the nectar of the Jamun flower. Jamun honey is unique in its taste because of the tinge of bitterness it carries.

Tropical Blossom Honey - Truly a treasure from million tropical flowers across the Western Ghats of India. This honey is freshly sourced from the nectar of tropical plants like Mangoes, Areca Nuts, Cashews, Papayas, Coconuts and many other forest flowers.

Limited Time Offer and Limited Restock!!!

How does your purchase matter?

We ensure that the tribals are paid well for their labor, expertise, and vast knowledge of the forest lands. 

Every jar of honey you purchase indirectly improves the life of a tribal honey hunter community whose main profession has remained honey harvesting for thousands of years. 

This ensures that the tribals do not have to migrate to the cities to live harsh lives away from the land they have lived in as a community for thousands of years. 


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    Ramesh S

    Limited-edition Honey Combo

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    Arunraja Rangaswamy
    Pure Delight: A Review of Honey & Spice Limited Edition Honey

    I recently had the pleasure of trying the limited edition honey from Honey & Spice, and I must say, it’s an absolute delight. From the moment I opened the jar, I could tell this honey was something special. Its rich aroma and golden hue spoke volumes about its purity and quality.

    Upon tasting it, I was immediately impressed by the depth of flavor and the smooth texture. It’s clear that this honey is truly natural and unadulterated, which is increasingly rare to find in today’s market.

    What’s even more satisfying is knowing that my kids love it just as much as I do. They’ve made it a part of their daily routine, and I couldn’t be happier knowing they’re enjoying something so wholesome and nutritious.

    I want to extend my gratitude to Honey & Spice for providing such an exceptional product. Their commitment to bringing genuine, natural honey to their customers is truly commendable. If you’re looking for a honey that’s not only delicious but also authentic, look no further than Honey & Spice’s limited edition offering. It’s a treat for the taste buds and a testament to the beauty of nature’s bounty.

    Antony Thomas
    Honey Combo

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    Mohit Khaneja

    Bhot acha product h ji