Happy Wildlife Week from Honey and Spice!

Oct 08, 2015Ramya Sundaram


Since it is Wildlife week, we are featuring a post that talks about honeybees and how they humbly go about protecting and preserving the beauty of nature. The importance of bees to human life is endless. When it comes to the importance of bees in conservation of forests and helping out the wildlife, the list is endless again. 

250,000 species of flowering plants depend on bees as their only source of pollination. A lot of our medicines are by-products of these flowering plants. 

Bees increase the yields of a variety of crops like apples, blueberries and cucumbers by about 30%.

Cotton is also a plantation which is pollinated by bees. 

Many birds feed on the berries and flowers that are pollinated by bees. This way the bees indirectly provide to the wildlife as well. 

Of course the most popular importance is that bees give us Honey!

One may ask, while harvesting honey, don’t we destroy a bee’s natural habitat? Honey and Spice takes initiatives to protect the bees and the forests they dwell in.

When the tribes and bee keepers harvest honey, they don’t disturb the honey hive completely. They leave some so the bees can come back and go on with their lives. The tribes, being religious and superstitious, also perform rituals before harvesting honey as an apology for disturbing the natural course of events.

With the plummeting bee population, the global agriculture is going to be struck with a serious consequence and Maurice Maeterlinck once said, "If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live."

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