Stories from the Hive

Tropical Blossom Honey sourcing Honey and Spice
Mar 31, 2023
Learn how team Honey & Spice travels to the remote parts of the western Ghats to bring you all natural and fresh Honey from the forests.
Mangrove Honey, A tale of the Moulis
Oct 02, 2021
Learn how the Moulis of Sunderbans brave the forest and its uncertainties to bring us the rare Mangrove Honey. Every bottle of Mangrove Honey is an alchemy of the bees, brought to you by the Moulis. It holds sweet undertones of the mangrove forests with the colour range of a brown and gold palette owing to its rawness.
Sep 29, 2015
The simplest definition of sustainable living is living contently without gobbling up Earth’s natural resources....