Stories from the Hive

Tropical Blossom Honey sourcing Honey and Spice
Mar 31, 2023
Learn how team Honey & Spice travels to the remote parts of the western Ghats to bring you all natural and fresh Honey from the forests.
Jan 05, 2019
Starting your day with turmeric honey helps in so many ways!
Ethical harvesting of Wild Honey
Nov 03, 2018
As a company with ethics as it's foundation, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable and non intrusive way of harvesting wild honey. Here are a few pictures on how the honey harvesting and extraction is done by these tribal honey hunters.
Raw Honey as a Cancer shield - Part One
Jan 16, 2018
Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases of the modern world killing millions of people...
What is Raw Honey
Oct 01, 2017
As India's first exclusive online Honey store, we get asked this question almost everyday by...
Few Truths about Honey
Feb 01, 2017
As the founder of a Honey brand that is completely transparent in it's functioning, we...