Why we recommend our Honey to everyone we love?

Why we recommend our Honey to everyone we love?

Jan 16, 2022Ramya Sundaram

My little family of three has been consuming honey in all possible forms for the past three years but most importantly we start our day with a super simple morning drink made with honey.

Luke warm water laced with a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric, this is the super simple morning drink. We add a pinch of pepper to the drink on days when we feel a little tired or cold.

The above recipe is recommended in yogic physiology, Ayurveda, Siddha and even by modern nutritionists.

And, with consistently consuming this morning drink, we have noticed the following

  • A new shot of energy to start the day
  • A morning detox drink which has kept us fit
  • An everyday health booster

Apart from the morning drink we also take a tea spoon of honey before going to bed. This helps us achieve sound sleep and a super fresh waking up experience in the morning.

Btw, our 4 year old son samples every batch of honey and his favourite is the wild honey from central India.

Honey, man’s oldest known food has traveled with us for thousands of years and is super relevant to us, 21st century humans.

And we will continue to recommend Honey to all who we love :)



Ramya Sundaram

Founder @ Honey and Spice

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