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Himalayan Wild Honey

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This exquisite dark amber honey is a precious gift from the forests of Jim Corbett National Park and its surroundings. Hand-harvested annually during April and May, this honey is highly in demand across India. It holds the nectar of various wildflowers, enriching it with exceptional health benefits.

What’s in it for you?

  • Revered in Ayurveda for exceptional healing properties.
  • Abundant in antioxidants according to modern science.
  • Helps boost immunity and regulate digestion 
  • An excellent natural sweetener
  • Heals wounds and scars 
  • Supports the local community


How to relish it?

Sweeten your pancake, milkshakes, salad, and ice cream with this rare & exotic wild honey from the Himalayas.

How does your purchase matter?

We ensure that the tribals are paid well for their labor, expertise, and vast knowledge of the forest lands. 

Every jar of wild honey you purchase indirectly improves the life of a tribal honey hunter community whose main profession has remained honey harvesting for thousands of years. 

This ensures that the tribals do not have to migrate to the cities to live harsh lives away from the land they have lived in as a community for thousands of years. 

“The Himalayas are the home of mystery and the home of courage"



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Sanjay Upadhyay

Himalayan Wild Honey

Himalyan wild honey

Excellent quality. Delivery should be fast

AG Sudhan
Quality and quantity

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Excellent Honey taste

Thanks for sending pure honey and it really tastes well. It reminds me of my childhood days of tasting real honey and lost it over the years due to adulterated honey available in the market. Thanks for bringing back the real experience.

Vishwanatha AB

Himalayan Wild Honey