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Wild Honey Combo

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Our Wild Honey combo contains 4 jars of Wild Honey 250gm from the 4 corners of India. 

Himalayan Wild Honey: This dark amber honey is harvested from wild beehives in the forests of Jim Corbett national park and surrounding area. Harvested every year, during the months of April to May, this honey is one of the most sought after in India. The Honey contains the nectar of various wildflowers in it which makes it all the more healthy. 

Central Indian Wild Honey: This wildflower honey is harvested from the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Extracted from the wild beehives of the Apis Dorsata species of bees, this honey is the oldest and most popular wild honey among our collection.

Eastern Ghats Wild Honey: This wildflower honey is harvested from the dense forests of Orissa. This dark amber honey is high in antioxidants which is evident from the dark color. The tribal Honey hunters of this region harvest only limited quantities of this honey every season. This honey is made by the Apis Dorsata species of Bees. 

South Indian Wild Honey: This amber-colored honey comes from the forests of South India. Harvested in the month of April to June from the wild beehives, this honey is from the Apis Florea species of bees. The taste is very fruity and waxy but is an extremely healthy variant among all our Wild Honey varieties. 

Honey & Spice brings you raw wild honey collected by tribal honey hunters from the deep forests of India.

The honey is made by the wild bees from the nectar of medicinal flowers. This natural & unprocessed honey, far away from civilisation, is free of adulteration & pollution.

It brings you all the goodness of organic honey from the wildflowers. It is well known that this wild honey collected from these natural sources is full of medicinal properties, and is a key ingredient in Ayurveda. 


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Mamta goswami

I love all type of honey those fregrants are amazing go for it guys without any doubt they provide pure honey afterall

Amazing Honey

Wonderful taste ,and naturality