Bulk Orders

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  • Bulk Orders

    We source and pack the best quality Indian Honey in Bulk with a certificate of Analysis. The minimum quantity for order is 250kg and it will be packed in food grade HDPE cans of 50kg each.

  • Bulk to Retail

    With our bulk honey, you can Repack and sell on your own brand name. You can also make it global by exporting honey to other countries or simply supply it to restaurants.

  • Private Labeling

    We are now looking to help other brands grow without having to worry about sourcing and quality control.The MOQ for private labelling is 200 pieces per SKU.

  • Start your own brand

    Simply pick a variety of honey from our portfolio and provide your label design or printed labels, we will deliver your end product ready to sell.

our happy customers

  • My mom uses this honey to mix with her Ayurvedic medicine and I use this honey to cleanse my face. We are in love with this brand and not going back to any other for a long long time! Also, the taste of this honey reminded me of Manuka Honey! Very similar!

    Nikita K
  • According to me this is best honey in India. I referred my friends to honeyandspice, they also felt the same. Good quality products like these should be encouraged for sure.

    Swaminathan A
  • I will be very very honest. I have extremely chapped and dry lips and I have tried like100 lip balms till I found this amazing amazing page honey and spice. And my lips have never been like before. They are soft even when I don't apply the balm. It's a long lasting one and original. I wish I could give you 1000 stars lol. Love and luck to you guys.