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Buckwheat Honey

Rs. 380.00


Experience the rich, robust flavor of our Premium Raw Buckwheat Honey, a true gem in the world of natural sweeteners. Sourced from the finest apiaries, this honey is carefully harvested from the nectar of buckwheat blossoms, resulting in a distinctive, dark amber hue and a deep, earthy taste.

Usage Tips:

Spread on Toast: Enjoy a delightful breakfast by spreading this honey on warm toast or fresh-baked bread for a delicious and nutritious start to your day.

Sweeten Beverages: Add a spoonful to your tea or smoothies for a unique burst of flavor and natural sweetness.

Enhance Culinary Delights: A sweetener in salad dressings, or a delightful addition to your favorite baked goods.


Our buckwheat honey is carefully packaged in a premium glass jar to preserve its freshness and quality. The air-tight seal ensures that you receive the honey just as nature intended.

Indulge in the distinctive taste of our Premium Raw Buckwheat Honey and experience a new level of natural sweetness that only Mother Nature can provide.


Customer Reviews

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Soumya Mishra
Great product

I liked the taste of this honey. Smells good too.