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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Rs. 330.00

Cold Pressed Sesame oil is one of the oldest oils used in India along with coconut oil. Refined sesame oil undergoes a process, which destroys many of the benefits and flavours of this oil. FreshMill oils now brings you unrefined cold pressed sesame oil with all its flavour and benefits preserved.

For thousands of years in India, sesame oil has found many uses, let's look at some of the ways in which sesame oil has been in use in India. 

    For Food: 

    • Sesame oil is like the Indian counterpart of Olive Oil and it lends a distinct flavour to your dishes
    • Sesame oil is used as a natural preservative in pickles due to its natural antimicrobial properties

    For lighting lamps:

    • Lighting a ghee lamp is the most auspicious but after ghee, sesame oil is considered to be the most sacred oil to light a lamp with 

    With so many benefits, sesame oil is truly a gift from the gods but these benefits are intact and available only when you use cold-pressed sesame oils. Let's move towards a happier healthier tomorrow by switching to cold-pressed oils today.