Honey and Spice

Honey Soaked Amla

Rs. 350.00

Apart from your taste buds, your body as a whole will thank you for this superfood. 

It’s not often that we come across a food that is tasty & healthy at the same time, this is one such rare find.

Interesting Fact: A tiny piece of amla has as many nutrients as two full oranges.

How can you use it?

Just as it is. A great way for kids to have this bitter fruit. The honey takes out the bitterness from the Amla and makes it a super tasty treat.

The Indian gooseberry popularly known as Amla in the north & Nellikkai in the south is one of nature's nutrient-rich foods. This bitter fruit is called Amalaki in Sanskrit which means the sustainer.

We have combined two superfoods and bottled them into one. The honey takes out the bitterness from the amla and makes it extremely delicious.