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Honeycomb Soaked in Honey 350gm

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Rs. 540.00

How can you use it?

  • Crumble chunks of honeycomb over a warm toast smeared with butter.
  • A slice of honeycomb melting over a warm bowl of oatmeal is so flavorsome.
  • Add them to plain yogurt to satiate your sweet tooth.
  • Honeycomb pairs really well with any salty cheese. 

We often get asked, is honeycomb edible?

The honeycomb is not only edible but has a chewy & gooey texture with plenty of delicious raw honey between the cells. In other words, honey that is sealed in the wax cells of the honeycomb is in its purest form.
A perfect nature’s gift, isn't it?


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Satyajit Ratha
Great product.

This is raw honey, with a slice of honeycomb soaked in. Take a spoon of honey along with a piece of the honeycomb to savour the natural taste and texture.

Deeptha Narayan
Honeycomb in honey

This is the best honey I have ever had! So pure and the taste is beyond amazing! The honeycomb is particularly tasty and my first experience having it! Yummy! Definitely a regular purchase for me.

Ravi Prakash
Excellent product. Great packing and taste.

Loved the honeycomb in honey. Previously had while travelling in big hotels.
Overall great product, pricing could be improved.

Biraj Adhikari
great stuff

Excellent honey and packed well!

My Experience

Very Good Product.Highly recommended.