Honey and Spice

Instant Coffee 250g

Rs. 570.00

The finest powder of coffee arabica is directly brought to you from the hills of Mangalore. This carefully roasted coffee is none less than a relation to liquid gold for each coffee connoisseur.

Sourced directly from the tribals are coffee has a blissful aroma and a smooth mouth watering flavor. This instant coffee is carefully chosen and processed in such way that it is complete in terms of taste and quality.

This low calorie coffee variant carries a woody taste with the bold aroma which leaves the coffee drinker wanting for more.

Nevertheless it is the most favorite choice of most of the coffee drinkers who want a quick-based yet no taste or flavor compensated option.

FreshMill focuses on making organic food available to everyone and aims to replace every Indian household from highly refined food products to something that is real from nature, #allthingstraditional.