Honey and Spice celebrates Small Business Saturday!

Honey and Spice celebrates Small Business Saturday!

Dec 10, 2015Radha Sekar

Small Business Saturday is the day to applaud, encourage and celebrate independent businesses. This American holiday is also one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. Small Business Saturday was a Small Shop initiative to drive shopper to independent merchants, big box retail and e-commerce stores, across the country.

Honey and Spice is celebrating Small Business Saturday Indian-style and have handpicked a few momentous local businesses in the food industry. Read on. 

Avani Agro: One of the flag bearers in precision agriculture, Avani Agro, innovatively helps farmers by providing access to cutting edge agro-technology. Avani Agro provides solution to agriculture with the use if technology and focussed on chemical free farming. (Kerala)

First Agro: First Agro is a zero pesticide organization which strives to sell fresh produce rich in nutrients and free of harmful toxins. The take advantage of the growing technology and efficiently harness its powers to make available fresh produce to retailers, super markets, food service companies and homes. (Mysore)

I Say Organic: This local business was started to meet the growing demands and challenges in the organic food industry. I Say Organic is an online store that home delivers organic fruits, vegetables and grains. The food is grown without toxic pesticides and chemicals and also commends the farmers who grow the foods. (New Delhi)

Oota from your Thota: Oota from your Thota translates to “Food from your Garden”. This community encourages people to grown their own food and conduct one day events to promote Organic Urban Farming/Organic Terrace Gardening. Another purpose is to spread awareness for the necessity of safe and nutritious food. (Bangalore)

Buffalo Back: A small community that believes day-to-day choices for a sustainable future has a huge impact on nature and one’s life. Buffalo Back has stocks of grains, millets, oils, nuts, dry fruits, spices, preserves, instant foods, cleaning products and many other organically grown products. All their products are handpicked and are free of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful entities. (Bangalore)

The Himalayan Farm Project: The Himalayan Farm Project is an upcoming organic farm, where people come together to share ideas about sustainable living. The project is a creative platform that is attempting to grow fresh food by combining ecological understanding and indigenous knowledge to ensure sustainability. 

Happy Small Business Saturday!

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