Honey & Spice Happenings - March 2016

Honey & Spice Happenings - March 2016

Apr 04, 2016Ramya Sundaram

The month of February and March has been quite hectic for team Honey & Spice. We have criss crossed almost the entire south India to procure the Wild Forest Honey which is much in demand. We travelled to various parts of Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats to meet with tribal honey hunters to collect the required wild honey for the year. 

Below are a few pictures taken during our trips to various places in search of Wild Forest Honey.

Here's a picture of Akash from our Team at a tribal settlement somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. 

Team Honey & Spice with tribal honey gatherers

Below are a few breathtaking views on our way to a tribal settlement in the Western Ghats.

View on the way to the western ghats

View in Neyyar Kerala

Below is a picture of some freshly harvested Honey Combs probably the most delicious and nutritious thing you can ever consume. 

Freshly harvested Honey Combs

Well the good news is we have managed to collect some really exotic Wild Forest Honey from the tribals for this year. This batch of our Wild Honey is lighter in texture, has a rich earthy taste and it is loaded with beneficial pollen. 

Go ahead and order your bottle of Wild Forest Honey here - https://honeyandspice.in/collections/raw-honey

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