Beeswax & Honey lip balm recipe

Beeswax & Honey lip balm recipe

Jun 07, 2018Ramya Sundaram

How do you make your lip balm? 

One of the most experimented product by our customers using our natural beeswax is this, DIY Lip Balm! 

Trust me it is very simple to make, made from all natural ingredients and lip smacking good :D 

What you will need: 
4 tsp raw beeswax
3 tsp organic coconut oil 
1 tsp raw honey (we would suggest kashmir honey or local honey)
5-6 drops of essential oil ( we used peppermint)
lip balm container ( you can use an old lip balm container or a tiny glass jar)

How do you do it: 

Melt beeswax and coconut oil in a double boiler.

To the molten beeswax and coconut oil add raw honey and mix it thoroughly. 

Depending on your flavour preference add 5-6 drops of essential oil and mix well. 

Remove it off the heat and keep mixing until everything is mixed. 

Take out a small sample and let it cool and later check if the texture is fine.

If the texture seems to be fine then pour it in the lip balm container & let it solidify completely before using it.

If the texture is hard, there is too much beeswax. If it is too mushy, then there is too much oil.
The shelf life of this honey lip balm is about 1 year
This recipe will yield about 6-7 ( 40 gm containers)

Why beeswax and honey lip balm? 

It's simple, beeswax is an organic product which when combined with the healing properties of coconut oil and raw honey is the best thing for your lips. Unlike the paraffin (petroleum) wax used in the commercial lip balms, beeswax is completely natural and organic. Switch to this natural alternative today and you will definitely notice the difference.

Make sure you buy the purest form of beeswax, coconut oil and honey for this recipe and all these can be found on our website - 

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Until next time!

- team Honey & Spice

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