Why does my honey jar have an expiry date?

Why does my honey jar have an expiry date?

Aug 23, 2018Ramya Sundaram
Honey is a natural antimicrobial substance which means if the honey is pure then no harmful microbes can grow in the honey and it will stay safe to consume forever. 

Why then do we have an expiry date on the jar? This is a question we get asked on a regular basis. 

The answer is simple, we do not have an expiry date on the jar. What we have instead is a best before date which means the honey can be consumed even after this date. However, after the best before date, the honey will change it's properties in terms of colour, aroma, texture etc. This change of properties like darkening of colour or crystallisation does not make the honey unsafe in any way. It simply means that the honey is pure and like all pure honey it will darken or thicken over a period of time. In fact you should be worried if your honey stays the same without any colour or texture change for months, this simply means it is synthetic honey with heavy processing. 

Also, the Indian and international food laws both make it mandatory to mention a best before date or expiry date on the label of all packed foods. So we really don’t have a choice but to mention the Best before date on our jars of honey. 

Now, enjoy your jar of honey without worrying about it’s purity because when you buy from us, purity is something that’s guaranteed. 

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