Ethical harvesting of Wild Honey

Ethical harvesting of Wild Honey

Nov 03, 2018Ramya Sundaram

As a company with ethics as it's foundation, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable and non intrusive way of harvesting wild honey. As a first step in this direction, we are now procuring from WWF (The World Wild Life Fund) which has trained tribal honey hunters to harvest the Honey in a very ethical and non intrusive way.

Here are a few pictures on how the honey harvesting and extraction is done by these tribal honey hunters. 

Honey & Spice Wild Honey Harvest

The tribal honey hunters are given protective clothing to help them extract the honey without getting stung by the bees.

Honey & Spice Wild Honey Harvest Two

The harvester is trained to cut out only the part of the hive which contains the honey and to leave the rest of the hive intact. 

Honey & Spice Wild Bee Hive

The Bees are quick to rebuild the hive which helps sustain the bee population in the wild. 

Honey & Spice Honey Extraction

The extraction is done in the most hygienic way to ensure our customers get the best quality raw honey. 

We are also working on making our packaging environmentally friendly by reducing our use of plastic to the bare minimum. We will soon be also launching a plan to recycle the glass jars.

Thanks to your constant support, we are continuously exploring ways to be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly organization. 

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