Does honey help in improving fertility?

Does honey help in improving fertility?

Aug 13, 2019Ramya Sundaram

Historically honey has been considered to boost fertility since the time of the Egyptians at least. Especially raw honey that contains pollen is a food rich in Vitamins, amino acids, iron, calcium and minerals. This rich nutritional food no wonder improves the effective functioning of the reproductive organs in both men and women.

Now, let’s dive into the technical aspects of how Honey improves fertility. In men the hormone testosterone plays the most important role in maintaining sex drive and sperm count. Honey is rich in Vitamin B which is an essential substance for the production of testosterone. Many researches have found a positive correlation between testosterone and honey intake.

Nitric oxide is another crucial compound which is needed for the male reproductive organ to function, and it is studied that even a 100gm honey consumption increases the nitric oxide levels in the blood by upto 50%. In a study done on rabbits, it was studied that rabbits that were fed bee pollen had improved semen quality and fertility.

The word ‘honeymoon’ itself is said to have come after the tradition of feeding honey to newlyweds each night to increase the chance of conception.

Overall, many researches and our ancient knowledge both suggest that Honey does help with both male and female sexual health. Most importantly the honey you consume should be raw honey as only raw honey contain beneficial pollen, and all the nutrients intact.

We are sure a jar of our honey will spice up your love life in more ways than you can imagine 😉


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