Goodness of Ginger Honey

Goodness of Ginger Honey

Nov 29, 2016Ramya Sundaram

The numerous benefits of honey and the numerous ways in which honey can best be used are well-known. Ginger has a number of medicinal properties too and those have been explored by our ancestors over the years. But did you know the benefits of honey are complimented by those of ginger? That’s why honey is an unrivalled medium to transmit the wondrous benefits of ginger. Together make an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic concoction. Let’s look into the medical benefits!

Respiratory illnesses: Concoction of ginger, honey and cinnamon acts as a natural expectorant and is said to provide immediate liberation from cough, cold and sore throat. When ginger and honey is mixed with black pepper, it helps curing/reducing the effects of asthma.

Digestion: Ginger honey is rich in antioxidants which elevate digestive properties. It promotes the secretion of bile and intestinal flora which helps dissolve fat and thus speeds up the digestive process.

Cancer: The combination of ginger and honey help soothe the side-effects of chemotherapy like nausea and vomiting. Ginger honey is also rich in antioxidant-enzymes which reduces/lowers the growth of cancer cells.

Blood circulation: The compounds of ginger are said to warm up the body and improves blood circulation. They also reduce blood pressure and ease the tension in blood vessels which lowers the risk if heart diseases.

Immunity: Ginger honey increases the production of white blood cells which makes the immune system stronger. It also contains zinc, magnesium and chromium which also strengthen the immune system.

Detoxifier: Ginger honey helps flush toxins from vital organs in the body and thus improves bodily functions.

The best and tastiest way to incorporate ginger honey in your diet is by drinking ginger and honey tea. Mix a teaspoon or two, based on your preference, of Ginger Honey available at Honey and Spice in your unsweetened tea and voila! That simple!

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