Happenings November 2016

Happenings November 2016

Nov 24, 2016Ramya Sundaram

November has been a very busy month at Honey & Spice. Here's a list of things that kept us running the whole month. 

A brand new website! If you haven’t checked it out already, we have revamped the website completely to a much classier look. We now have better pictures and more content to keep you engaged! Do check it out https://honeyandspice.in/

New product launches: This November we launched three new products which is the highest number of products we ever launched in a month. We have launched the very rare (only 30KG available for this season) Cliff Honey which is almost getting sold out. We also launched our tastiest Sweet Honey procured from some of the best Bee Keepers in the country.

Apart from the new varieties of Honey, we launched a new category of Bees Products under which we have our Bees Wax blocks which can be used for making home made lip balms, candles etc.

Wedding Favours: We worked on multiple gifting orders this month. Here are a few pictures from the gift packs we did for our customers. 

Honey Wedding Favor

FreshMill Oils: The team at Honey & Spice is also proud to launch another niche brand “FreshMill Oils” which is launched with the aim of replacing unhealthy refined oils with healthy cold pressed oils. We would like to bring the healthy eating and cooking habits of our ancestors which are almost entirely wiped out by multi national brands which treat our food more like a chemical and less like a food.

Every bottle of oil sold on FreshMillOils.com is made at our own farm in Tamil Nadu where we carefully select the raw materials, clean, dry, crush and extract the oil using the traditional wooden chekku in which no heat is generated. This traditional method of extraction preserves all the nutrients in the oil.

Do check our new venture, your support is important for us!

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