Real Honey vs Fake Honey under a microscope.

Real Honey vs Fake Honey under a microscope.

May 22, 2023Mithun Stephen

At Honey & Spice, all our honeys undergo pollen analysis under a microscope before bottling. 

Pollen analysis is a process done to identify the pollen content in Honey. The bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers to make honey. The type of pollen present in the honey tells a lot about the honey. 

Real honey has uniform density of pollen while fake honey has non-uniform or very low pollen count. 

Here's a video explaining the difference between real honey and fake honey under a microscope. 

When we sell you Lychee honey or Jamun honey, it's certified to contain high Jamun/Lychee pollen count using pollen analysis. 

As always, this is another step from Honey & Spice towards bringing the best produce from nature to our customers. 

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