What is HMF in Honey?

What is HMF in Honey?

Aug 04, 2023Mithun Stephen

HMF (Hydroxy methyl furfural) is a naturally occurring substance in honey, and its levels can increase when honey is heated during processing or stored at high temperatures for extended periods.

Ayurveda and modern science both suggest that heating honey can have negative impacts on its nutritional and medicinal properties. High HMF levels in heated honey are considered undesirable because they may indicate the degradation of sugars and other components, potentially leading to reduced quality and possible health concerns.

Even freshly harvested honey will have HMF content however these levels will have zero negative impact on our bodies. 

We at Honey and Spice, refrain from heating the honey and bottle it without any processing, ensuring the honey has the lowest possible HMF content. By doing so, we aim to preserve the honey's natural properties and offer a product that aligns with both Ayurvedic principles and modern scientific recommendations.

Regular testing of our honey for HMF and other quality parameters ensures that we provide our consumers with safe and top-quality honey products.

Here are our some of our latest test reports showing how our honey has HMF within specified limit of 80mg/kg set by FSSAI.

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