One question our customers ask us a lot! like a lot!

One question our customers ask us a lot! like a lot!

Feb 14, 2021Ramya Sundaram

Do you know what's the most common complaint from our customers about our honey?

"I bought a jar of honey from Honey & Spice and now it has become solidified, is this honey pure?" this is the most common question that we get asked!

The answer is Pure Honey does crystallize! and most often, only pure honey crystallizes! Now that doesn't mean if your jar of honey doesn't crystallize it's adulterated. It could be simply because you are in hotter weather or you could have bought a jar of Acacia Honey. 

If you did not know this, a jar of Mustard honey will crystallize within weeks while a jar of Acacia honey could take years to crystallize. And there a 100 other floral sources of honey-like Clover, Jamun, Eucalyptus which have a varying probability of crystallization.

Don't take our word for it, you can google "crystallization of honey" and you will find a bunch of articles explaining why honey crystallizes and how it's a completely natural process. 

How does crystallized honey look?

How does crystallised honey look?

Crystallization comes in many forms. The whole jar solidifying, the bottom crstallizing, creamy texture, hard texture but no matter how the honey has crystallized it never concludes that the honey is impure. 

So the next time one of your honey jars crystallize, just place it in a bowl of warm water, liquify it and consume without worrying about its pure. When you shop from us, we suggest you don't worry about the purity of the product!

Here's a detailed article on Wired about crystallisation of honey 

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