Wild honey harvest video

Wild honey harvest video

Oct 02, 2021Ramya Sundaram

Have you ever wondered where our most popular wild honey central India comes from?

Here's a video on how the honey collection takes place in the forests of central India. Honey and Spice works with the World wildlife fund (WWF) and tribal honey hunters in Chattisgarh to bring you this rare, medicinal and exotic honey right from the jungles. 

What more? The tribals are getting a fair price for their produce as we are procuring at a rate which is 250% more than the market rate. 

Above all, the honey is harvested in a cruelty free and sustainable way which protects both the bees and the environment.

Every jar of Wild Honey you purchase from Honey & Spice goes a long way in improving the livelihood of the tribal honey hunters. 

Order your jar before the fresh stock runs out - 


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