What is Raw Honey

What is Raw Honey

Oct 01, 2017Ramya Sundaram

As India's first exclusive online Honey store, we get asked this question almost everyday by our customers "What is Raw Honey?". We are constantly trying to educate our customers and everyone else about the difference between processed Honey and Raw Honey. 

To put it very simply Raw Honey is Honey the way it is in the Bee Hive. Natural Honey from the Bee hive contains Pollen, Small quantities of Bees Wax, Enzymes like Diastase and Invertase etc. However the Honey that you pickup from the super market shelf does not contain any pollen or Enzymes because of the processing it goes through before bottling. 

The processing involves, heating, Ultra filtration, and addition of anti granulation agents. This is done to remove the natural cloudy nature of Honey and to make it look glassy and pleasing to the eye. Also, the processing prevents the crystallisation of Honey which naturally occurs over a period of time. 

Well some customers ask us "well, what's wrong with processing?" the problem with processing is that the heat destroys all the beneficial enzymes like Diastase and Invertase and the filtration removes all the beneficial pollen. What's left is more of a sugar syrup because Honey is considered a miracle food only because of the pollen and the beneficial enzymes in it. 

Now, if you want to reap the real benefit of this miracle food called Honey, you should consume it Raw with all the nutrients intact. All the Honey we sell at Honey & Spice is 100% Raw and unprocessed which means it's the real Honey with all the nutrients intact. If you are looking to lose weight or boost immunity or treat allergies or even to use Honey as a natural face pack, then Raw Honey is the way to go. Order your jar of Raw Honey from Honey & Spice today and reap the real benefits of this miracle food. 

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